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Drop-waist dresses in the Sears catalog, 1926. (♥)
I keep getting paler here. Yay n stuff
London ft. Really handsome friends
I got paler

I am upset today because I thought about all the life changing people that I’ll never be able to meet. What if my best friend lives in Gana and I haven’t met them yet or won’t meet them at all, what if I miss that train to Philadelphia where I would meet my future partner.

The world is crazy and I think I might be a little too for worrying about this.

Found a mr blobby pin in an op shop for 50p. 
Caerphilly Castle

haven’t been on tumblr as it’s been negative but uhh hey

10. August 2014

I’m currently in South Wales having the greatest time ever. I’ve left the users and abusers and social climing losers out of my life and let beautiful butterflies in.
Feels fucking great.
Sidenote the only person I hella dig is in Perth and that’s a bummer but I’ll entertain myself with Jurassic park and psychology books for now.

Last night I felt more comfortable than I ever had with the group of people I was with. I only just met Telain, and Tash and Ollie I met only a little earlier but they are such incredible people. Maddie is and has always been a wonderful, loyal friend and Ally and Oskar are so hilarious and caring. Perfect night.