It's my blog and i'll cry if I want to.

Craft and ravioli and Bowie

my head. sweet lord give mercy on my hangover.

17. April 2014

Last night was amazing.

art-omic asked: Did my last ask go through?

Yes!! I can’t reply private though but that was fantastic! I’ll reply when I can. Are you out in the city tonight?

pasta bake coincidence, or the work of the Greatest living Brian?

17. April 2014

Get the fuck out of town. I made a coffee in the lunchroom, whilst singing immigrant song quietly. Come back in the office. The moment I sit down immigrant song comes on the radio.


I look scary, but eyebrow game is infinity/10 thanks dad for le good brow genetics.

Amazingness! Chip!

please someone!
I want a chia pet.