i don't care, if you don't care.

I want perfection too much.
It’s hard.


13. October 2014

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love  x

Dear anons; 
This is progress so far, 
Getting there slowly and the healthy way.

Anonymous said: You can't be real

Yeah man. I’m a construction of your imagination right?

leyladida said: Please please please teach me how to do your pincurls! Ps. Much appreciated if you answered privately

Hey babes. I get asked how I do my hair and makeup so often that I’ve started making youtube videos. I need to edit them and they will be up soon alright?
Apologies for not being answered privately but I only have my phone atm and it doesn’t allow me. Xxx

Mmm went swing dancing. 
Met rockabilly friends


30. September 2014

I have an obsession with  dental hygiene and I brush my teeth three times a day, that’s an improvement from six but I feel revolting if I don’t brush  them after I eat or have gum and I need to stop this behaviour probably.

I want a man to buy me corsets and lingerie.

Erm I really need to try that 30 day squat challenge. This game I have going is WEAK.