i don't care, if you don't care.

All day I’ve just questioned everyone and everything in my head and fuck I’m going to miss the beautiful people but I never realized how many poison people I had in my life. Realizations are scary and I really need this year to myself to be okay again.

Last night I felt more comfortable than I ever had with the group of people I was with. I only just met Telain, and Tash and Ollie I met only a little earlier but they are such incredible people. Maddie is and has always been a wonderful, loyal friend and Ally and Oskar are so hilarious and caring. Perfect night.

Dead Kennedys, Blink, Dinosaur Jr are all playing in London in August,
cya later money


Being cold & hanging with my pal Andy

Maddie is too sexy

Ed Wood’s ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’ - 1959 film poster, starring Bela Lugosi, Vampira and Lyle Talbot 

this has been the best day

Four days and I’ll be partying in Serbia and going on adventures with my family. Emotions are really running high now, one minute i’m crying because I’m saying goodbye to angels and the next I’m on a high thinking about going to gigs in London.

This is going to be the best!